Eternal Life And You

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“Many People Are Not Aware Of How Important Connecting With Spirituality Is And How To Deal With It!! The truth opens up the heart and soul. This capability to sense the truth is something we all already bear. We all have a heart and soul that’s already precisely showing us how true matters are. Anything that places you in touch with more of the reality opens up the connection to the spiritual. Once your experience is imparting more truth, there’s a sense of opening up, softening, easiness, enlargement, fulfillment, and gratification …


Introducing….Eternal Life And You….
“Many People Are Not Aware Of How Important Connecting With Spirituality Is And How To Deal With It!!” This is one area that you must not be confused in… A lot of beliefs and suppositions shape and limit our experience of life and connecting and the sense of our self even when we’re not consciously considering them. They’re thoughts and concepts that are so deeply trusted that they’re not even questioned, like “life is short” or “I have to have more money.”
Do you understand it’s significance? Even really sensitive and spiritually-oriented individuals who have had really true and profound experiences of additional dimensions are frequently pulled by this premise back toward the physical into a more confined experience of reality. For centuries, spiritual precepts have pointed us to the heart and soul as the source of wisdom, truth, peace, and eternal life. We call it the heart and soul because these deeper realities are felt most strongly in the region of the physical heart.
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